It’s time for San Diego Comic Con again and this year we brought Saidey with us! This girl loves cons, adventures, and podcasting with us!  We had planned to just do one episode with all our little recordings, but we ended up with enough material to split it up! Enjoy […]

San Diego Comic-Con 2019 Part 1! We brought Saidey!   Recently updated !

Another episode that was originally for R3, but now R3 is part of Haphazard!  This one is me talking with Casey Allen, co-editor of the Eynes Anthology book about why he decided to join up with me. Music: Band – Damn The Cow Song – The Scary Song Album – […]

R3 – Casey and Eynes!   Recently updated !

Most of our new episodes are recorded in the car, but this one is special because it’s an ADVENTURE in the car! Yeah I know, they are all adventures, but you get it.  On the show tonight: John Kaylie Find us on Social: The Show […]

Adventures in the car!   Recently updated !

Another ReUp! This one is half an episode, since the original was almost 2 hours long! We bring you Jeff Schuetze from JefBot fame! If you have not read JefBot then you need to stop listening to this show and head over to and take a read.  Some links […]

ReUp! – Jeff Schuetze and JefBot!   Recently updated !

It’s time for another episode of R3! Hear me talk about my kickstarter (which is over, and which I need to get finished and mailed out!) Eynes Anthology! Find out more here: Music: Artist: Joey Edsall Song: The Horde   On the show tonight: John Find us on Social: The Show  […]

R3 – Eynes Anthology!   Recently updated !

It’s ReUp time again! This time it’s Kaylie in Utah with her mom going to a Scentsy convention, Shine in ’09! Sadly Kaylie recorded over 2 hours of material with Ryan Hudson (From Channel Ate!) that got lost and corrupted, so we only got a little bit of the audio […]

ReUp – Kaylie in Utah at Shine in ’09!

Listen to John talk about parenting. As a father of 5 kids he might know a thing or two. Or does he? Does anyone? Music: Artist: Damn The Cow Song: And the Cabbage Says On the show tonight: John Find us on Social: The Show John […]

R3 – Parenting: Kids stripping at McDonalds.

After all these years we finally went and saw Sublime play live! Well, kind of. Take a listen and find out all about it! Pre-Order the Eynes Anthology! Sign up for the Eynes Mailing List! On the show tonight: John Kaylie Saidey Find us on Social: The Show […]

Sublime with Rome! At Marymoor Park!

So I was doing this thing for awhile for the Nerdtalkalypse Podcast Network where I would record a rant show and post it up on Anchor. Well, doing a THIRD show was too much. I did end up recording something like 30 episodes, but that’s because I’m insane. I’ve decided […]

R3 – Introduction!

What could be better than taking a day off work and heading up north to spend all day on a boat looking for whales?  Actually seeing whales?  I’m not sure, but this was fun! Pre-Order the Eynes Anthology! Sign up for the Eynes Mailing List! On the show […]

Whale Watching in the San Juan Island!

It’s time! IT’s Time for us to fly out to NEW YORK CITY and see the greatest band of all time! Bandits of the Acoustic Revolution! Listen to John and Kaylie as they take you on an adventure of epic proportions! Check out BOTAR: Check out Streetlight Manifesto: Pre-Order the […]

BOTAR in New York City!

Man it’s been awhile since we’ve put up an episode! Well, only since the end of March. But we are BACK BABY with a brand new…ReUp? Oh, shit well. It’s a ReUp of an old episode from 2009 where we stuck a phone in our pocket and record some terrible […]

ReUp – Out and About at the Casino!